Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the premis of a story

so the other day i was sitting around and i got a little bored so I opened up notepad started to type. at first it was this and then it started to evolve in to a story. I will post  this part to day then when i don't have any thing else to post i will post a chapter if i have one so far i only have this and one but i hope to write more of it soon. tell me what you think

   Once long ago the world was young and still new when the gods were still young and needed help from the other gods to perform there great works
decided to set a game here new toys to play. the game was one of death and deceit betrayal and love. the game was would take place once the first disk was found
inside each disc was a weapon from the what the gods could tell was the future. the weapon was a mech but the mechs were changed to utilize magic that
the people could use and manipulate to their will.
this is a story is about two friends and a journey that they started and the gods with their mighty power taking form in the world.


  1. interesting lol, i lost the game so many times during your post :P

  2. haha same here, it sounds like a great idea though.