Wednesday, October 27, 2010


as we sit here we see you coming we talk about what we should do.
do we sit and stay idol? do we run away? do we practice our aim?
the worst of them all do we attack starting with you and take everyone we can for all the years of torment your people have put us though.   no we wait for a better time  and then, yes then when our numbers have grown and the masses are ready that is when we strike. tell then we stay quite and look. holding our tongues tell then shall we rise again and take back our world my brother the humans shall rise again. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

chapter one part one

Jon was walking along at night thinking about what a great time  he had with his girlfriend when his phone rang it was Travis. "hey what up" he says while he still walking

    Travis "not much, just thought i would call to see how you were?"

    Jon "great man just ended my date with Mimi"

    Travis "oh did you?" in a sarcastic tone "how far did you get?"
    Jon "hey man!" he yells "you know that i am not like that and neither is she we are going to wait you know that i am old fashion when it comes to dating."

    Travis "sorry man, just didn't think you were actually going to stick to that."

    Jon " that's ok,  I am just not like every one else that's all. lets check out that cave we found the other day."

    Travis "yea from the looks of it no ones been in there in a long time who knows what we could find."
    Jon " ok see you there in an hour, later."

later that night at a large sand dune in the middle of the desert sits Travis, eyeing a large case that he brought with him. looking around he anxiously he waits for his friend to get there. scanning the horizon he eye a sand glider speeding along towards him. After a moment he recognized it as Jon's.
    A short time latter Jon stops the sand glider and  and steps out. the first thing he spots is the rather large case that sits beside Travis.
 "so is that the new sonic blaster you found?" ask Jon
"yea, it's an older model but it was modified from the factory to remove the limiter and had three times the battery  life." gleams Travis
"Is that all?"
"no way! i combined it with the equipment that i found last week to make it three times stronger and twenty-five time the battery life. this should make it last though any thing that we find in here."
 "yea your right. I still have one question for you why do you do everything over the top?"
"I don't know? I guess it is just to make sure that we are always on the safe side. I mean just make sure you have more than enough and you will never be caught with your pants down."
"sure what ever." Jon said sarcastically "lets go. It does not look like any one has been here in a long time. I mean just look at that door that was down there."
" i know not even the class 7 shaped charge would open it."
"lets see if there are any ways to open it they may have become free form the blast."  as they head down the dimly lit cavern they start to see the a beautiful decorated door about the size of a  football Field. as they get closer to the door they see that that there is writing at about eye level and that it is in several different languages. when they get close enough Jon puts his hand on the door. the door feels slightly warm and almost comforting. Travis is about to do the same thing when he think that he spots something on ether end of the door.
"hey Jon what are thoughts thing down there?" Travis says questionably
"I don't know lets check it out." Jon said with a bit of excitement in his voice. as they get closer to one of the objects they see that it about wast high and a lot of ruble around it. "these must have freed from the blast that you made."
"well at least it did something." says Travis when they are close enough to it Travis can tell what is it." Jon run over to the other one and place you hand on the hand print."
as quick a he could Jon ran over to the other podium and seeks out the hand print. as soon as Jon's hand is on it the whole cavern starts to shake as a crack in the wall is revealed and starts to open with a white light coming from it. soon the door stops and then the two run to the new opening and to see what is in side. they are shocked to see a well build man with long gray hair.
the man said "my name is Godan, and i am one of the 100 gods of this world. i have selected you two to fight on my behalf in a contest."
Travis stares in disbelief that this is happening "what do you mean fight on you behalf?"
Godan look right at Travis and says "you two will pilot the mech YĆ«jin no chikara."
still in disbelieving the situation they are in. looking at each other Jon is the first one to speak he ask Godan "what do you mean pilot a mech"
Godan answers "I chose you two because what one lacks the other has to spare."
Travis then ask "what do you want us to do?"
Godan says "well Jon here will control the movement and the attacks in the cockpit. You Travis will manage the weapons and the form of the mech though the cards. I guess before I give you the disk for the mech I should explain the rules for the game you two are now playing."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the premis of a story

so the other day i was sitting around and i got a little bored so I opened up notepad started to type. at first it was this and then it started to evolve in to a story. I will post  this part to day then when i don't have any thing else to post i will post a chapter if i have one so far i only have this and one but i hope to write more of it soon. tell me what you think

   Once long ago the world was young and still new when the gods were still young and needed help from the other gods to perform there great works
decided to set a game here new toys to play. the game was one of death and deceit betrayal and love. the game was would take place once the first disk was found
inside each disc was a weapon from the what the gods could tell was the future. the weapon was a mech but the mechs were changed to utilize magic that
the people could use and manipulate to their will.
this is a story is about two friends and a journey that they started and the gods with their mighty power taking form in the world.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

music and games

how many time hae you played a game and listened to the music on the game and think that this sounds awesome, or tnik this song is good but i think that it would sound better if it was mixed and added some other thing to it. maybe you were play and thought that you would like to try and mix that song but don't were to get the track well here is the place that will help you out they have mixes available as well as many of the original tracks as well.  here are some of my favorites.